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Buying a Holiday Van

Buying a Holiday Van in a Holiday Haven Tourist Park

If you are interested in buying a holiday van in a Holiday Haven Tourist Park, you must first approach the Park Manger at the park and enquire whether the current owner has permission to sell the van. A van cannot be sold at a park without the permission of the park manager. If you purchase a van where the owner has not received prior written permission, the park owner will not be able to enter into and occupancy agreement, ownership cannot be transferred and you will be asked to take the van and annexe off the site.

When you have decided to buy a Holiday Van in a Holiday Haven Tourist Park you will be asked to by the park's management:

  • Provide evidence you have bought the van off the previous owner
  • Pay a $520 (incl. GST) Administration Account Fee
  • Sign an Occupancy Agreement
  • Pay the next quarter's fees (if applicable)
  • Pay any key or fob deposits for amenities or park facilites (approx. $20) per item.
  • Collect boomgate number.
  • Advise the park management of your contact details.
  • Compete a Direct Debit form if paying account monthly.

Sales and transfer of ownerships must be done on site at the park. An appointment must be made prior with the park management. A transfer of ownership takes approximately 1 1/2 hours to complete. Transfers of Ownership appointments are generally not made during peak times or public holidays.

Transfer of Ownership without a Sale

Transfer of Ownership where a sale has not occured may only take place under the following circumstances and where the relevant documents can be supplied as proof:

  • There are 2 owners of the van and one owner has relinquished their rights to ownership.
  • Where a court order stipulates a change of ownership of the holiday van (e.g divorce settlement, probate.)