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Selling a Holiday Van

Selling your Holiday Van in a Holiday Haven Tourist Park

Before you put your van up for sale you must firstly seek written permission from the park manager. The park manager will approve a sale of a holiday van under the following conditions:

  • Holiday Van Owner (HVO) has notified the Park Manager in writing of their intention to sell their van and has been placed on the Sales Register at the park.

  • Paid all outstanding fees ( Manager┬áto┬ácomplete a Fees and Charges check on seller's request.)

  • The Van occupies an Endorsed Holiday Van Site within the park - See Management Strategy Summary Plan

  • Pre sales compliance checklist has been completed & there are no outstanding issues.

  • The van owner has obtained a Valuation report (not more than 12 months old) for the van and annexe only from an approved Caravan valuer/dealer.

  • The park owner has supplied written permission for the sale of the van and annexe/moveable dwelling.

  • The seller has notified the park manager that they have a buyer for the van and when the changeover date will be and how much the van was sold for.

  • Only when the above items have been completed will change of ownership occur.

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