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10 Brew-tiful Microbrewery Spots to Sample in the Shoalhaven

Holiday Haven
23 Jun 2023

With more than a dozen award-winning wineries throughout the region, the Shoalhaven is fast becoming one of NSW’s most desirable spots to sip away an afternoon. But in the past five years, there has been another revolution quietly taking place – with a host of microbreweries popping up on tap in recent years, ready to host your next tasting session. Here’s a tour of some of the highlights.

Stoic Brewery
Stoic Brewery -Ig:stoicbrewing

1: Stoic Brewery

Founded in 2018, this popular establishment at the gateway to the South Coast is worth a stop on your tour. They have a dizzying array of brews – with equally impressive artwork to match, all wrapped up in a friendly industrial locale that does regular music and eats.

Sipping suggestions: Cerveza Mexican Lager or Krush It Kolsch

2: Uncle Joe’s Brewery

Located at Crooked River Winery, just south of Gerringong, this scenic spot offers preservative-free, all natural lager, pale ale and ginger beer. Open Tuesday to Sunday, you can take them with you or sip on site in their award-winning restaurant.

Sipping suggestions: Uncle Joe’s Craft Lager or Uncle Joe’s Ginger Beer

3: South Yeast Brewing

Established in 2020 and open Thursday to Sunday in North Nowra, you’ll love the retro vibes and bold flavours on offer – with tasty burgers to soak up the liquid and live music on special occasions.

Sipping suggestions: The Bramble Blackberry Sour or The Hammock tropical pale ale.

Old Salt Distillery
Old Salt Distillery Ig:oldsaltdistillery

4: Old Salt Distillery

Another new kid on the brewing block, this one is all about spirits. But look beyond the signature small batch spirits and you’ll also see them dishing up house-brewed craft beers and fruit seltzers. There’s also a full dining kitchen with a wood-fired grill to tempt your tummy.

Sipping suggestions: Malty Old Boy Lager or Blood Orange & Passionfruit Seltzer

Jervis Bay Brewing Co
Jervis Bay Brewing Co Ig: jervisbaybrewing_co

5: Jervis Bay Brewing Co

Founded by four friends and located in a big ol’ friendly beer brewing shed, this popular Huskisson spot is a great place to enjoy a beer or three beside the big fermentation vessels.

Sipping suggestions: Malty Old Boy Lager or Blood Orange & Passionfruit Seltzer 

6: Flaming Galah

An institution in Jervis Bay, this brewpub knows how to have fun – boasting ‘flamin good beer, food (truck) and music’. In five short years, they’ve gone from brewing tests in pasta pots to building a mini empire, all founded on a passion for craft beer and brewing.

Sipping suggestions: Hazy Pale Ale or Lattice Biscuit Stout

The Common South Coast
The Common South Coast  Ig: thecommon_southcoast

7: The Common 

For something a little less common, sit yourself down at The Common in Culburra Beach – home to Penguin Head Brewing Co and offering a laid back selection of tap beers and cocktails to accompany your dining experience

Sipping suggestions: Loco Lager or Surf Session

Dangerous Ales Brewing Company
Dangerous Ales - The Milton Hotel  Ig: dangerous.ales

8: Dangerous Ales Brewing 

Milton doesn’t miss out on the brewery action, with this venue a natural synergy between owner Damien’s love of wild frothy waves and fermentation. His two decades of chef experience (via London, French Alps, Margaret River) comes in handy too – the result being a fast-growing brewery with killer food to boot.

Sipping suggestions: Crispy Boi Lager or Ginger Tooth Tiger Sour Ale

9: Wombat Brewing 

Another new arrival, Wombat was established in 2022 by Aaron – a proud Wiradjuri man and beer enthusiast. The ideal spot to kick back with friends while sampling the flavoursome on-site produced craft beers or a bite from the food trucks. 

Sipping suggestions: Wombat Deez Nuts Coconut IPA or Wombat Viking Ale

10: Cupitt’s Estate

Already well-known for its wining and dining options, the Cupitt’s Estate’s brewery brings the same approach to craftsmanship to its batched beer offerings – with impressive results. They also boast one of the sunniest spots to sip their selection, with new offerings every season.

Sipping suggestions: Milton Pilsner or Mollymook Pale Ale



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