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Breath-defying! – Freediving Jervis Bay

Holiday Haven
20 Jan 2023

Unless you’ve been living under a shell, you will have heard of the song ‘Under the Sea’ from the Disney classic movie, The Little Mermaid. In it, all manner of sea creatures pronounce that, “darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter, under the sea” – and when that sea is the Shoalhaven’s marine reserve of Jervis Bay, they might have a point!

Just standing on the squeaky-white beaches, it’s easy to appreciate how crystal clear the Jervis Bay water is. But if you want to take things to the next level, Lara, Dylan and the team at Woebegone Freedive have you covered (literally). Their impressive knowledge of the underwater wilderness, along with expert equipment and friendly service means you’ll be in safe hands to explore everything the ocean has to offer – from coastal caves to swimming with seals or even whales. 


Image @woebegone_freedive


BYO oxygen

So what exactly IS freediving? Well, quite simply, it’s exploring underwater without air tanks or breathing apparatus. Often long flippers are used to get extra swift movement through the water, but ultimately it requires you to either hold your breath or use a snorkel to breathe along the surface. 

This makes freediving incredibly portable and accessible for anyone to try – and with so many incredible sights to behold just below the surface, you don’t need to dive deep to experience the magic of the undersea world (especially in a marine reserve as pristine and teeming with life as Jervis Bay!).


Image @woebegone_freedive


Woe-free experts

Lara and Dylan are South Coast locals with more than 15 years of combined dive industry experience. As a result, they know these waters like the back of their flippers! They both have a genuine passion for exploring and conserving the ocean (plus a perfect safety record) and are all good at guiding anyone from age 7 and up, with no previous experience necessary. Whether you want to simply enjoy the waters around the beach or climb aboard their custom boat for a tour of deeper waters, they will be your friendly and well-informed guides – supplying all the premium equipment you may need.

The world beneath the surface is often referred to as the last true frontier of exploration, and you’ll truly feel like you’re on a whole new planet when you dive into the blue waters. “Jervis Bay is one of Australia’s most underrated snorkelling locations,” says Lara. “It is Australia’s deepest natural harbour and the gateway to the great southern reef.”


Image @woebegone_freedive


And, if you really develop a love of freediving (it can be addictive!), you can also learn how to get more bang for your breath with a fully accredited and professional freediving course. “There is no better place to learn”, says Lara. “Freediving will improve your confidence in the ocean and your mental clarity outside of it!”

A breathtaking experience

Australia already enjoys thousands of kilometres of stunning coastline, and with a growing push to protect our marine fringe, this tour allows you to get up close and personal while also learning so much. 


Image by @lifeonthecoast via @woebegone_freedive


“We can show you the best that Jervis Bay Marine Park has to offer, with just a mask and snorkel,” says Dylan. A fantastic activity for the whole family all year round, Woebegone Freedive is living proof that it might just be better down where it’s wetter, under the sea!


Visit their website today, and stay at one of our local parks: Holiday Haven White Sands or Holiday Haven Huskisson Beach.

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