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Meet: South Coast Van Fitouts

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20 Dec 2021

All the way back in 2020 (remember that?), two South Coast NSW gents named Callum and Chris were tinkering away converting a van into a home on wheels, when they had a revelation. More on that in a sec.

Now, converting a van into a place to sleep and eat while travelling is not a new concept. People have been doing it to everything from Transits to Combis in Europe and America for years now. In fact, it has become such a thing that an entire subculture has grown around it, much like the “tiny home” revolution.


Moroccan inspired van fitout


Instagram and Youtube channels have sprung up across the land filled with everything from bare-basic mattress-in-the-back conversions to fully kitted out shower-kitchen-gadgets galore models to whet the wanderlust appetite.

And hey, if ever there were a land that was made for exploring, it would be the Great Southern Land. After two years of being told to stay home, we’re a confused bunch. We have a new appreciation for our unique home spaces, but we also really REALLY want to hit the road and explore. Van life scratches both those itches – giving you a true home on wheels.

Okay, back to the boys.

According to their website, South Coast Van Fitouts “began with a few beers” as they worked on a mate’s van in the front yard of a house at Jones Beach, Kiama. It was only after they showed off their handiwork on Instagram that they realised they might be onto something. Remember that big subculture? Well, they found Callum and Chris. And they all said, “We’ll have what he’s having”.

In particular, the boys pride themselves on creating an affordable bespoke fit out for every van, bus or camper that comes their way. And let’s just say that demand has been through the van roof. In just one year, their Instagram account has amassed close to 30k followers and they’re booked out for the next 10 months.


The Elk


On their website and socials, you’ll find plenty of examples of their work – with past vehicles including names like Peanut, Red October, The Elk and Van Wilder. Each customer wants something a little different, and the boys at South Coast Van Fitouts are more than happy to provide. When it comes to fit outs, they’re true artists – a modern day “Van Go”!

Holidaying never goes out of fashion, but these customised vans are adding an exciting new way to see more of the incredible NSW South Coast and beyond. So if you’re trying to find a way to fit in your next getaway, consider a fit out instead!

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