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Park Rules and Guidelines

Check out times: Check out time is 10am. Late checkout must be arranged in advance and is subject to availability.

Reception Hours: Low Season Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm and Sunday 9am to 4pm

Alcohol: Excessive use of alcohol and/or use of banned substances is considered a breach of park rules. Alcohol must not be consumed within children’s playground areas, pool, jumping pillow, and front office/kiosk. Offensive behaviour will not be tolerated.

Anti-Social Behaviour: Holiday Haven has a zero-tolerance policy towards abusive, offensive, anti-social or threatening behaviour directly or indirectly. Please do not hesitate to contact park management at any time regarding unreasonable noise.

Noise: Noise must be kept to a minimum at all times and noise must cease by 10pm. Please do not hesitate to contact park management at any time regarding unreasonable noise.

Boom Gates: Boom gate codes are unique to each vehicle and site, and must not be transferred to any other person. The code will expire upon checkout. Tailgating through the boom gate will result in your code being cancelled.

Smoking: There is no smoking permitted in or within 10 metres of any park building or recreational area, this includes the accommodation decks and building verandas.

Vehicles: One car per site is permitted unless otherwise authorised. Visitor’s vehicles need to be parked outside the park or in the visitors' carpark.

Road Rules: For the safety of all guests, the park speed limit of 8km must be adhered to at all times. Please give pedestrians the right of way.

Your Site: Please ensure that your car, trailer, tent, caravan and other equipment are contained within your site and that any drawbars are facing (but not on) the road or access way, for easy removal and towing in case of emergency.

Once settled please remember –

  • Strictly only 1 tent or 1 caravan or 1 camper trailer per site.
  • No solid fuel or open fires are permitted.
  • Not to feed the birds or other wildlife.
  • No trenches to be dug on site.
  • Grey Water must be directed to Sullage points. Where sullage points are not accessible, you are required to collect grey water and dispose into the designated sullage points.
  • Gas bottles must be in date and under current certification.
  • Connect only one lead to each power outlet. Double adaptors are not permitted.
  • Caravans require a 15amp lead.
  • Washing of vehicles, boats or trailers is not permitted on your site.
  • Only ground sheets made of cloth or open weave material are permitted (no tarps).
  • Please use designated dishwashing basins provided in camp kitchens and do not wash dishes in amenities blocks or in laundries.

Bikes and Scooters: 

  • Guests are welcome to ride bikes during daylight hours. Bikes must not be ridden in the Holiday Park once the streetlights come on.
  • Reception, entrance to Holiday Park, car parks, amenity blocks and camp kitchens are high-traffic areas. Bikes must not be ridden in these areas at any time.
  • Children must understand bike rules when riding within the Holiday Park, and high-risk areas such as T-Intersections.
  • Children under 5 years must be supervised by an adult at all times when riding in the park.
  • Bikes must be used on roadways only and not on the pathways. Riders must obey NSW road rules in the Holiday Park including:
    • Checking left and right before entering or crossing a road.
    • Give way to pedestrians.
  • Australian and New Zealand Standard (AS/NZS 2063:2008) approved helmets must be worn when riding bicycles within the Holiday Park
  • No Rip sticks, skateboards, roller blades, electric scooters, segways or hoverboards are to be ridden in the Holiday Park.
  • The management of the Holiday Park are not responsible for any accident or injury caused whilst riding in the park.

Children: Parents are responsible for their children’s behaviour at all times. All children must be under parental supervision while on the recreational equipment or in the swimming pool. Children under 8 years must be accompanied by an adult to the amenities. Children must be onsite by 10pm.

Dog-friendly: Guests must notify management of all dogs when booking, and prior to check-in. Acceptance of any dog is at the discretion of the park management. All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times whilst in the Holiday Park. Please refer to our dog-friendly terms at

Facilities and Amenities: All communal facilities are to be kept in a clean and tidy manner at all times. We ask that all facilities be vacated by 10pm, this includes the camp kitchen, BBQ and entertainment areas.

Bunk beds: In accordance with Australian Standard (AS/NZ 4220:2003) “Children under the ages of 9 years are not permitted to use the top bunk, children must not play on top bunk”.

Maintenance: We ask that guests report any required maintenance to the office during office hours.

Garbage: Please wrap or bag all garbage and place it in the bins provided. Only household waste may be placed in these bins. Garbage bags are available from reception should you require them. A recycling bin is provided for cans, glass, cardboard and P.E.T. bottles.

Security: All guests are responsible for securing their valuables at all times. While we do our best to maintain a safe park environment, including providing security during busy times, park management or Holiday Haven, takes no responsibility for any damage or loss incurred to your belongings during your stay.

Damage: We request that all guests and visitors respect the Holiday Park’s property, including the accommodation units and contents, gardens, amenities, and facilities. Any damages will be at the cost of the person/s responsible and will be charged at the manager’s discretion.

Eviction: Park management reserves the right to evict any person from the park who breaches park rules or the conditions of occupancy.

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