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Owning A Holiday Van

Owning a Holiday Van comes with many responsibilities. The responsibilities of the Holiday Van Owners and the Park Owner are set out in the Occupation Agreement. This is a document that is signed at the beginning of the site occupancy by both the Van Owner and Park Owner. The document sets out such things as:

  • Fees and Charges and terms of payment
  • Park Rules
  • Making alterations to your van or annexe
  • What condition the van and annexe needs to be kept in
  • Who can use the holiday van
  • Ending the occupancy agreement
  • Acceptable behaviour of occupants

Useful Documents

Standards for the Installation of Holiday Vans & Associated Strctures in Holiday Haven Parks.

Holiday Van Owner Requirements


What do I need to do if I want to make alterations to my holiday van?

Written approval must be received from the park manager and Holiday Haven for any alterations to a Holiday Van. If a van is on a flood liable site further approval must be sought from Council's Environmental Services Section.

How do I change my address?

If your residential or postal address has changed, you must notify your park manager within 14 of your address changing.

How do I get approval to do alterations?

First step is to talk to your Park Manager. They will be able to advise you if what you want to do is likely to be approved.

Secondly, you need to complete an Annexe Application Form from Shoalhaven City Council and submit it to the Park Manager for initial approval and pay the fee. Remember to complete all steps in the application

Your Park Manager will then submit the form to Holiday Haven / Council along with the fees for approval.

How do I pay my fees?

Fees are paid monthly via direct debit.

What happens if I am having difficulty paying my fees?

If at any stage you are having difficulty in paying your holiday van fees, you need to immediately contact our Accounts Receivable Unit on 4429 3111 to make an arrangement to pay the fees off before the due date. Payment arrangements will not be accepted after the due date. Failure to pay fees on time will result in a notice of termination being issued and fees sent to our Debt Collection Agency for recovery, this will lead to Legal Fees being added to your debt.

Can people stay in my van when I am not there?

Friends or relatives may use your van under the following conditions:

  • You as the owner must notify the manager at least 24 hrs in advance that you have friends or relatives who wish to stay in your van.
  • On arrival your friends or relatives must check in to the office to obtain a boom gate number and pay the holiday van extra person’s fee.

What is a Compliance Check?

Each year Holiday Haven Parks conducts a Compliance Check of every holiday van in our parks. These checks ensure that all holiday vans in parks meet the regulations and standards. If a compliance check has found that something on your van needs fixing, you will be notified in writing of the issue and given a deadline to fix any issues. Any major work e.g replacing an awning or an annexe will require an Annexe Application to be lodged.

Do I own the site on which my holiday van is located?

No, the site belongs to NSW Crown Lands. You have a right to occupy the site on signing an occupancy agreement under the terms of the agreement, but you have no rights to the title of the land.

What do I do if I have a complaint or concern about something in the park?

For any complaints or concerns you may have, your first contact should be with staff or park management at the Holiday Park as they are in the best position to resolve your issue.

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