Holiday Haven

18 Mar 20
At Holiday Haven we understand the desire for guests to continue to support the local communities that have already been through so much this year. Whilst we appreciate the continued visitation and...
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17 Jan 20
Not going to lie…it’s been a tough few weeks for our Holiday Haven teams and local communities, but we’re open...
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16 Dec 19
In a world where, let’s be honest, we all seem to accumulate too much ‘stuff’, a Christmas gift of an experience is ideal. We know that experiences are better shared and our gift of family fun is all...
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27 Sep 18
We’re big believers in truly experiencing the local area when on holidays. And, what better way to do that than having a local glass of wine with dinner while camping. The Shoalhaven is fortunate...
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15 Aug 18
When camping, caravanning, or staying in a cabin at a holiday park in Australia there are a few unspoken, and a few written rules that everyone is expected to adhere to. Some for safety and some to...
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10 Jul 18
Most of us are now familiar with the term ‘grey nomad’ - the retirees grabbing the caravan and travelling around the country. But, what about those people, not quite grey yet, not quite ready for...
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