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5 of the best Caravan and Camping Hacks

04 Apr 2018

Everyone loves a hack - a sneaky, smart way to make a daily task that little bit easier, faster and/or better. Hacks go to a whole new level when we’re talking about caravan and camping hacks - when everything you pack needs to have a purpose (or two) and you can’t necessarily just pop to the shops to grab anything you forgot.

So, the Holiday Haven Tourist Parks team have put together their 5 best caravan and camping hacks - they might get you out of a jam or even just marvel the kids at how ingenious, innovative and ‘cool’ you are.


Hack #1 - The shower cap

The humble shower cap is a fantastic little item for the caravanning and camping adventures. Not only do they cost next to nothing and take up hardly any space, they have a few purposes going for them. Obviously, they can keep your hair dry in the shower but have you also considered using them to pack up your wet and dirty shoes. The elastic ensure all that water, dirt and sand just in the shower cap and not throughout the caravan or car on the trip home.


Hack #2 - The plastic cup

Forgot to pack the speakers/docking station or didn’t think it warranted the space when you were getting on the road? Got to your destination and realised that a bit of music (or all the kids being able to hear the movie on the iPad) was actually a great idea after all - no problem if you have a plastic cup on hand. Pop your mobile phone into the plastic cup and it will act like a speaker (remembering your fellow campers of course). Now for the iPad -  Cut a hole in the end big enough for your tablet to fit in, and press play. You should find that the sound is significantly louder. This won't boost the sound quality in any way -- so music listening still won't be great -- but for listening to podcasts or watching TV, it's a very clever solution and will keep the kids entertained while you have a relax.











Hack #3 - The headlight

Use a personal headlight to create even more light, to be enjoyed by everyone. Simple use a water, juice or milk jug filled with water - pop your personal headlight around it and just like magic - a camping lamp!














Hack #4 - The pool noodle

Again, we’re all about our hacks using items you probably already packed for your holiday (and those that have at least a dual purpose), which brings us to the pool noodle. Great for using at the beach or in the tourist park pool but also great for protecting your noggin. There’s always at least one person in every family that constantly bangs their head on caravan or campervan awning rails, or walks into tent ropes so...cut lengthwise down the noodle and pop it over the awning rails or tent ropes - they will be more visible and softer should they be walked into.

You can also use pool noodles to craft a temporary gutter to divert water or even round the top of a bucket to make a more comfy camping toilet seat. The hacks for the pool noodles are immense so worth packing a few.












Hack #5 - The bread clip

You know the ones - those little bits of plastic that you get to keep the bread (or the bagels or the pikelets) packet closed. These fantastic little things are super handy while camping (at home too truth be told) - that take up no room but offer up some amazing hacks. You can use them as spare clothes pegs, to keep cables (particular iPhone charger cables and headphones) neat and relatively untangled, and they are your best friend should you bust a plugger (break your thongs/flip flops for our overseas friends) - just pop in on the underside of the plugger to act as an anchor.










Hope you’ve enjoyed our team’s 5 best caravan and camping hacks. For more tips and tricks to help you enjoy your camping holidays just head over to our website and sign up for our enewsletter.


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