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Camping Etiquette

15 Aug 2018

When camping, caravanning, or staying in a cabin at a holiday park in Australia there are a few unspoken, and a few written rules that everyone is expected to adhere to. Some for safety and some to ensure that everyone enjoys their holiday.

Here’s the Holiday Haven top tips on camping etiquette:

1. Follow the park rules

When driving into and around the holiday park stick to the speed limits and ensure that you keep a keen eye out for children. Other rules relating to the park will be brought to your attention when you check in - such as pool times, campfires, dogs etc.

2. Stick to your assigned space

Holiday Haven goes to great effort to ensure our cabins and camping sites are laid out in such a way that everyone gets lots of space to enjoy. Camping etiquette dictates that campers stick to their assigned space so they don’t encroach on other people. If you are pitching a tent, try to leave as much space as possible between you and other campers - think about where to position the tent opening.

3. Rubbish and wildlife

Never feed the local wildlife and always put rubbish in a bin, hang it up high or leave it in the boot of your car or caravan as the smells can attract wild animals to the park looking for scraps.

4. Dogs

Many campgrounds, national parks and holiday parks don’t allow dogs. Some of the Holiday Haven parks do allow dogs to stay. Please check which parks do allow dogs here. If you are allowed to have a dog stay make sure you keep them within your own camping site and don’t allow them to wander off. Dogs should always be kept on a lead or leash, particularly at night - not everyone loves dogs as much as some of us.

5. Fires

There is nothing better than toasting marshmallows over the fire, cooking your own potatoes in the coals or feeling the warmth of the fire on a cold night but check when you book whether you are allowed to have campfires or you could be breaking the rules. When staying at Holiday Haven just ask your managers - often there will be a communal campfire for roasting marshmallows and you can meet some other campers too.

6. Parking

Always park in front of your own campsite and beside your camper trailer or caravan - parking too close to someone else’s camping site or blocking their camping site is a big no-no.

7. Shortcuts

It’s always considered a camping faux pas to walk through someone’s else camping site - even if it offers a quick shortcut to the amenities block or the beach.

8. Noise

Everyone staying in a holiday park wants to have fun but camping etiquette states you should never disturb other guests. Remember that while you might be up to greet the dawn, others may still be sleeping. The general guide is to keep noise to a minimum after 10:30pm but ask the managers for any specific noise restrictions when you check in.

9. Generators

Generally, many campgrounds do not allow generators, however if they are than camping etiquette is to only use them during the day and for short periods of time. If you need to use a generator for medical reasons speak to your holiday park managers upon booking so they can do their best to accommodate your requirements and those of other campers.

10. Amenities

Camping etiquette is to always leave showers, laundries and toilets (any amenities really) how you would like to find them. Always flush toilets and leave shower and laundry facilities clean and tidy when you are finished using them. If you find the amenities in a mess or broken then let the managers know so any issues can be attended to.

11. Gutting Fish

Always gut your fish in designated areas or away from other people’s camping sites at a minimum - not everyone loves the smell of fish!

12. Torches

If you use a torch to walk to and from the toilet or other amenities at night, shine the torch onto the ground in front of you rather than into other people’s tents, caravans or cabins.

13. Children

At Holiday Haven, all of our parks are children and family friendly. Make sure you teach your children about not annoying other campers. While it’s great for kids to make new friends with other children when they’re camping, be aware of them spending too much time at other people’s camping sites because they’re not your babysitters. Ensure your children are respectful of other campers and share the amenities provided. So, no hogging the mini golf.

14. Courtesy

If you’re respectful and friendly to other campers they will often stop for a chat and share great tips on local attractions or things to do. Do stop and say hello but don’t overstay your welcome. Remember to treat other people as you would have them treat you and your family.

Camping, caravanning and holidaying in Australia and throughout the Shoalhaven is a great way to experience the area and enjoy a break with family and friends but make sure you follow the basics of camping etiquette and remember the saying ‘take only memories, leave only footprints’. If you have any specific questions about the rules and etiquette of staying at a Holiday Haven tourist park just get in touch.

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