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The not quite grey nomad

10 Jul 2018

Most of us are now familiar with the term ‘grey nomad’ - the retirees grabbing the caravan and travelling around the country. But, what about those people, not quite grey yet, not quite ready for retirement but definitely ready to travel slowly (often having a long working holiday), living more frugally, learning to live a life with less stuff and more experiences? Well, here at Holiday Haven, we affectionately dub them the ‘Super Travellers’.

Super travellers are those enthralled by the idea of living a nomadic and carefree lifestyle - and actually doing it! They are those setting to one side the day to day hustle and bustle, commutes and commitments to travel wherever the mood or weather takes them.

Traditionally, long term caravanning has been the domain of the ‘grey nomads’ but times, they are a-changing. More and more young families are packing up and heading out to discover Australia, give the kids the adventure of a lifetime and create memories not soon forgotten.

And, why not?


It has adventure

Caravanning means you can travel for as short or long a time as you desire. You can hit the road less travelled and find yourself a secluded spot to set up or pull up at a park such as Holiday Haven with the company of other travellers and amenities.

It’s cost effective

Caravan holidays are much cheaper than overseas trips once your initial investment (of the caravan, RV or campervan - which is an asset) is made. Staying at a tourist park like Holiday Haven is cheaper than a hotel - driving is cheaper than flying - and being able to make some meals in your own accomodation is a food cost saving too.

It’s the best way to see the country

Caravanning allows you to move at your own pace, plan your own way and truly see what this amazing country has to show you.

So, super travellers -are you packed up yet? Have you made you itinerary up? Don’t let those grey nomads have all the fun - get out there.

We hope to welcome you to one of our 12 tourist parks when you’re travelling in the Shoalhaven. For more information on our parks just contact our friendly team today.


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